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Wrong Look Wrong Time Wrong Place 

Our knife crime workshops (Wrong Look, Wrong Time, Wrong Place) were commissioned as part of our ongoing work across Kirklees, to educate and raise awareness amongst young people aged between 11-18 about the risks of knife crime.



The workshops sessions are based around the real life events that lead to the death of Azaan Kaleem in May 2018, and were delivered to young people across Schools and Alternative Provisions across Kirklees. Channel 4 & The Garden TV production company provided us with the rights to use footage from ‘24 Hours in Police Custody’ which is an integral part of the workshops.  

The footage used from the programme enables us to engage young people in discussions and activities which explore choices and consequences of actions, and the subsequent impact. Furthermore,  it then allows us to lead into activities  which focus on carrying a knife and the law in relation to this, dispelling myths that some young people may have. Throughthe workshops we explore with young people the impact of knife crime and serious violence on the individuals concerned, and the wider family and this exploration of feelings is profound and has a major impact on young people who undertake the sessions.

The sessions are 4-6 hours in total to complete the workbook and accompanying exercises which can be delivered across two or three independent sessions. All young people keep the workbooks that they complete which have useful information around serious violence and what to do if concerned and or worried. Our workshops can be tailored to suit different youth groups & school settings. For more details email us at


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