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Training programmes
All our training packages can be tailored to need and delivered both locally & nationally.

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Wrong Look Wrong Time Wrong Place
Knife Crime Awareness Workshops 

Target Audience: Young people aged 11-18 in School or youth group settings. 

Length : 2 x 2.5 hrs


Knife crime workshops, Wrong Look, Wrong Time, Wrong Place educate and raise awareness to  about the risk and impacts associated with knife crime.


The workshops are delivered over two sessions and are based around the real events leading to the murder of Azaan Kaleem, back in May 2018.

Yorkshire Mentoring are the only training provider with permission from Channel 4 & The Garden TV production company who provided the rights to use footage from ‘24 Hours in Police Custody’ to use as an integral part of the workshop training.  

The workshops have learning outcomes, with activities and discussions exploring empathy and risk, dispelling myths, the law and social media. Throughout the workshops we explore with young people the impact of knife crime and serious violence on the individuals & communities who are increasingly affected by serious violence. 

Each young person is provided with a workbook to keep and take home, which we hope builds on further discussion within the home.  

Each of our workshops can be tailored to work within youth groups & school settings.

parent sessions

Parents, Carers and Professionals Advice and Information Sessions


Target Audience Parent, carers, primary & secondary school staff, DSL, pastoral support, MST & Family support workers, YJS staff, looked after experienced and care staff, probation, police & PCSO & youth workers.

Length : 3 hrs when delivered to professionals with Q&A

               2 hrs parents and carers sessions 

  • These sessions cover understanding your child, the law, grooming, county lines, practical tips for parents and care givers, discussing with your child and words and language to listen out for. Emojis and social media, stop and search facts in school, support information for further support for parents, professionals, and caregivers. All who attend receive the advice and information booklet.

  • Sessions are also beneficial if delivered to parents of Yr. 5 & 6 students in primary schools in conjunction with our primary school intervention Happy Friendships, Better Lives as this provides parents with the confidence to continue conversations,  or to any parent or carers of high school aged young people and professionals who work and support young people and families worried about serious youth violence.

  • ​Everyone who attends receives the advice and information booklet.

  • Sessions can be delivered to just parents or we can deliver daytime and or twilight sessions to both parents and staff as part of CPD training.


Over 100% of professionals & parents we have delivered this training to across West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire, stated that they learnt information that they didn’t know about before and found them useful for supporting both young people and families.  

Train the Trainers: Look Wrong Time Wrong Place 

Target Audience: Academy Trust & Secondary School Staff; including DSLs & Pastoral Support, Staff CPD

Length: 1 full day training 9 till 4.30pm


  • All participants to have full TEAMS access managed by Yorkshire Mentoring’s with links to use copyright training PowerPoint, video & other resources and workbooks.

  • Outcomes: Staff will gain an understanding, skills and knowledge and confidence to deliver to this resource within their academy trust or high school to young people .


  • All online resources will be updated by Yorkshire Mentoring, should there be a change in legislation or stats, with all TEAM members notified so staff don’t have to research this.  


Happy Friendships Better Lives - No Knives 

Target Audience: Academy Trust & Primary School Pupils yr 5 & 6; 

Length: 2 x 2.5 hrs


  • This is age appropriate knife crime awareness resource delivered to the whole class room of year 5 or Year 6 pupils.  

  • The training is delivered via an interactive PowerPoint presentation with specific learning outcomes. These include understanding and identifying risks, friendships, trusted adults and also the law and young people.  

  • All pupils have a workbook to keep at end of their sessions,  and we encourage this training to run in partnership with parent information sessions so that parent and caregivers can understand and begin and continue conversations within the home.

Knife Crime Young People
Parents carers sessions
Train the trainers
Happy Frienships

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