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Safer BarnsleyPartnership


Yorkshire Mentoring is the chosen partner working with Safer Barnsley Partnership to support young people aged between 11-18 who are at risk of offending. Yorkshire Mentoring recruit & trained mentors  are supporting young people If you would like to find out more or want to be involved, please email us at


West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit 

2021 Ongoing since 2019

Please find our 2020 recent evaluation report for the work we have carried out in Kirklees for the West Yorkshire VRU.  Click here for the report. 

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Wrong Look Wrong Time Wrong Place

2021 Ongoing since 2019

Our knife crime workshops (Wrong Look, Wrong Time, Wrong Place) were initially commissioned as part of our ongoing work across Kirklees, to educate and raise awareness amongst young people aged between 11-18 about the risks of knife crime. The workshops sessions are based around the real life events that lead to the death of Azaan Kaleem in May 2018, and were delivered to young people across Schools and Alternative Provisions across Kirklees. Channel 4 & The Garden TV production company provided us with the rights to use footage from ‘24 Hours in Police Custody’ which is an integral part of the workshops.  

The footage used from the programme enables us to engage young people in discussions and activities which explore choices and consequences of actions, and the subsequent impact. Furthermore,  it then allows us to lead into activities  which focus on carrying a knife and the law in relation to this, dispelling myths that some young people may have. Throughthe workshops we explore with young people the impact of knife crime and serious violence on the individuals concerned, and the wider family and this exploration of feelings is profound and has a major impact on young people who undertake the sessions.

The sessions are 4-6 hours in total to complete the workbook and accompanying exercises which can be delivered across two or three independent sessions. All young people keep the workbooks that they complete which have useful information around serious violence and what to do if concerned and or worried. Our workshops can be tailored to suit different youth groups & school settings. For more details email us at

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Kirklees Reach Out Project 

2019 Ongoing 2021 

Yorkshire Mentoring is the chosen partner working with Safer Kirklees Council and the West Yorkshire VRU across Huddersfield & Kirklees to support young people aged between 11-18 who are at risk of offending. Yorkshire Mentoring recruit & trained mentors who are supporting young people in partnership with Kirklees Youth Intervention Team ( KYIT). If you would like to find out more or want to be involved, please email us at


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Youth in Mind

2017 - to April 2020

Yorkshire mentoring worked across the Bradford district supporting young people who were accessing a project called “Youth in Mind” . Young people gained access to a mentor who was there to support them on a one to one basis for up to six months.  Mentors were recruited from across the district to support young people 11-18 in age. Mentoring is very rewarding and provides an opportunity for mentors to make a difference for young people’s lives. 



Take a look at some of the quotes from young people and their families below


Some more great feedback from a parent of a young person who has a mentor through us. “They seem to have jelled”

“Yes they have made plans to do things together, she is lovely with him”


Feedback from a young person who has recently finished her last mentoring session. “Having a mentor has been helpful because you can do research for me and give advice that isn’t biased or influenced by emotion.”


Feedback from a young person in #Bradford on our Youth in Mind project. He's had a mentor and after his last session, he stated. "(Mentoring) has helped with a lot of things; it's given me the ability to open up to others, helped me to make new friends and given me confidence."

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Student mentoring 

2014 - 2018

In 2014 Yorkshire Mentoring began a project with with Trinity Academy supporting and working with look after students,  the scheme has continued and was rolled out in 2018 to Rastrick Academy and Calder High in partnership with TLC , a charity that works to support children who are looked after in the Calderdale District. 


Information sessions were delivered to 6th form students to identify those who wanted to become mentors. A more in depth workshop followed which included a session on safeguarding. The schools then identified looked after students who they thought would benefit from mentoring. Am information session was delivered to potential mentees making it clear that participation was voluntary. The next stage was matching mentors and mentees based on interests related to both school, hobbies and career. Yorkshire Mentoring provided a supervision and review programme reporting to the school and the funding partner TLC. Outcomes from the review suggested that mentees had improved their confidence, attendance and achievement in school and felt more positive about their future. Mentors commented that they had developed skills in communication particularly questioning and listening and had been able to use their experience as evidence for CVs, University and job applications. 


Peer Mentoring 

2018 - Ongoing 

Peer mentoring for health and well-being began as a pilot scheme. 


Yorkshire Mentoring were commissioned by Kirklees Success Centres to develop a peer mentoring course focused on health and well-being outcomes. Staring as a pilot project which ran from September  to  December 2018, the programme has a planned roll out across Kirklees throughout 2019.


The programme was in partnership with Fusion Housing, who hosted the course referring participants who are currently living in supported housing.  The course will cover all aspects of mentoring and sessions assessing and supporting positive health and well-being.


Feed back from the first  participants, were that they felt more confident in mentoring and that they had learned a lot about themselves. Progression routes include working in schools, sports coaching and mentoring people recovering from addictive behaviour. 


Business and enterprise mentoring

2008 - Ongoing 

Yorkshire Mentoring provides mentoring for those who are looking to develop a business or enterprise idea into reality. One to one sessions are provided pro bono for clients of Princes Trust and Unltd as part of Yorkshire Mentoring commitment to providing social value. Mentoring covers all aspects of business start up including confidence building, market research, product development, promotion and accounting.