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Our Services

Yorkshire Mentoring is a Community Interest Company. Our aims include providing support to a range of organisations and young people through the development of safe and effective mentoring. This is provided from members and though our network of trained volunteers, and we deliver a variety of services which are highlighted below. 

We hold regular network meetings to enable members to develop new ideas, share best practice and help promote mentoring across the region.


If you are interested in attending and becoming involved, or just require any additional information on any of the services below, please contact us via our Contacts Page

Consultancy Service

Providing specialist advice to enable organisations to establish or review mentoring programmes that aim to support young people.


Do you need support in ensuring the mentors are informed and know how to ensure that they inspire and motivate young people in a way that is safe and supportive for all involved?

YM Directors offer free consultancy advice and support. We will visit organisations, attend

meetings and offer guidance, new ideas and support


Providing training for managers with responsibility for establishing/reviewing mentoring programmes, train the trainer for managers of volunteer mentors, training for volunteer mentors, providing CPD covering topics related to mentoring


Do you need funding to support your activities with young people including mentoring?


Support in identifying and bidding for funding to support mentoring programmes.


Do you need to inspire and inform your stakeholders and get them on board with understanding how mentoring can make a difference?


Yorkshire Mentoring will use their skills and expertise to work alongside mentoring

groups when they are seeking new streams of funding. YMF will work in partnership with

groups to enable them to write and develop bids for new mentoring programmes, providing advice on new streams of funding and supporting projects during this process. 


Each year YM bids for funding, to allow us to provide funds to support a number of mentor

programmes within the Yorkshire region. 


Provision of speakers and case studies. This can be holding a conference or regional event and Yorkshire Mentoring assisting in the process. We can also provide workshops ideas, facilitate workshops and provide equipment and resources. 

Showcasing Event to share best practice.


Yorkshire Mentoring holds events throughout the year, to showcase best practice, projects we are engaged with and the work they have untaken. 


For further information about our services contact:


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